#StaffSpotlight- Lanette - blog post image

#StaffSpotlight- Lanette

This week is our first rendition of #StaffSpotlight. 

Our Staff Spotlight will fea...

31 October
Buying vs. Renting - blog post image

Buying vs. Renting

Are you better off renting or buying a property?

Many people dream...

28 October
4 Closing Mistakes to Prevent  - blog post image

4 Closing Mistakes to Prevent


Your offer was accepted (yay!), the inspection went great, and you’ve set a clos...

21 October
#StaffSpotlight- Maddi - blog post image

#StaffSpotlight- Maddi

Hi everyone! I'm Maddi- the face behind this blog! I joined Bankers in June of 2016 and have l...

14 October
Closing Costs Explained - blog post image

Closing Costs Explained

As you maneuver through the Minnesota Real Estate process, you may be wondering what your clos...

07 October
Burnsville's Best Restaurants  - blog post image

Burnsville's Best Restaurants

Looking for a fun place to go in the Burnsville area? Our staff narrowed down their top ...
01 October


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