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What is a Moving Concierge Service, and how can it help Homebuyers?

Because of our partnership with Relocator.Net, a moving concierge service, we are able to offer home buyers FREE moving concierge services! 

What does Relocator.Net do?

Relocator provides a concierge experience to people who are buying a new home. Their team will help transfer or set-up home media services (such as phone, television, internet, and home security), offer an online moving checklist to keep movers organized, and provide resources to help transfer utilities and research community services like daycare or cleaning services.

Why is this a benefit?
  • A Moving Concierge Specialist saves you hours of wasted time and money
  • They help transfer garbage and utilities, phones, internet, TV, and home security
  • A FREE Moving Checklist to keep organized and on schedule when prepping for a move
  • Help new buyers get plugged into the ocal community with a community section that forwards mail, enrolls kids in schools, and finds daycare nearby!
Contact your Executive Closer to talk more about how a Moving Concierge service can save homebuyers time and money! 
Not only do we offer a Moving Concierge Service, but did you know that we also offer a 24/7 File Management app , a Title Quote calculator designed to give you INSTANT quotes, and preliminary title searches on request? Experience the Bankers Difference yourself by ordering title today.


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