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Wire Fraud Safety Tips

We live in a world where unfortunately, Wire Fraud (the act of stealing someones information via wire transfers to obtain money or information) exists.

Because of this, we've taken enhanced security precautions to protect our homebuyers and sellers. 

Stay safe from falling victim to Wire Fraud by following these Safety Tips!

  • If a home-buyer or seller wants us to verbally provide instructions to them, we ask that they obtain our phone number from a verified outside source such as our website. Our phone number to verify wire instructions is 952-955-8111.
  • Buyers will get 2 emails from us 20 days before closing and 7 days before closing warning them of the dangers of wire fraud.
  • Wire instructions can ONLY come from Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services. They can not come from a third party in the transaction such as a realtor or a lender.
  • Never wire money for a real estate transaction based only on an email.
  • Be suspicious of any “last minute” changes in payment instructions.
  • Do not open an attachment or link in an email unless you are absolutely sure who sent it to you.
  • Regularly change your passwords and make sure your computer’s operating system, browser and security software are up-to-date.
Your safety is our priority. These tips will help to keep you and your property safe. For any questions about preventing Wire Fraud or about Title Insurance or closings in general, please contact us today.




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