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  • What should I bring to my closing?

    Each closing is different and therefore what you should bring to your closing varies. For a complete list of what to bring, visit our Pre-Closing Checklist page.

    If you have questions or concerns about what to bring to your closing, please call our main office at 952-955-8111.

  • What should I expect on closing day?

    Your closing day is a celebration of hard-work and the new-beginning of homeownership. When you arrive at one of our conveniently located offices, you will be treated like family. Make yourself at home while you wait to enter your closing by enjoying hot or cold beverages.  

    Your executive closer will bring you into your closing room and walk you through each and every document. The length of a closing depends on the complexity of it, but it usually is done within 45 minutes.

    Typically, your lender and realtor will be there for moral support and to handle any last-minute negotiations or hiccups. After you sign the documents and get your new keys, we’ll take celebratory pictures of you and you'll receive a complimentary housewarming present. 

  • I have questions about the closing process.

    The closing process is complex, which is why we have compiled resources for you. 

    Please visit our Resources page to learn more about the process. We are here to serve you. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to call our main office at 952-955-8111.

  • What is my Lender's role at the closing?

    Not all loan officers attend closings- some feel that they can serve you better from their office, while others choose to attend. Loan officers are there to problem-solve any last-minute issues regarding financing and offer moral support for their clients.

  • What is my Realtors role at the closing?

    Realtors may help you with last-minute negotiations, prepare for move-in tasks, or come to the closing to celebrate with you.

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